You’ve got Mail(box)!

We live in the country. Spencer had just commented that it had been a long time since somebody had hit our mailbox(like two years). He didn’t knock on wood. Less than a week later, our mailbox was obliterated. They did a good job! Took out the box, post and all. Mail strewn in the ditch.

It was on purpose. Obvious from the tracks. Who are we to deny teenagers their fun?! Continue reading


New Butterfly Chair Cover

I have always thought I would like a butterfly chair. They are just too good for lounging. I found this one at a thrift store. The canvas cover on it was ripped in one corner. Obviously, Ace didn’t care. He drug it out of the closet several times to lounge. That probably helped it move to the top of my to-do list more quickly than it would have otherwise.


Recover. I used the canvas cover as a pattern. I have had this green upholstery material so long, that I’ve actually forgotten why I bought it. ! If I don’t remember, I probably don’t need to save it for whatever it was, right?

The green material coordinates very well with the first couch and loveseat that my husband and I bought when we got married. That set is dark green and located upstairs in the loft/TV room.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t you think the hippie chair goes very well with my shag rug? Well. I’m loving it whether you are or not. 🙂

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Napping pillow: Christmas edition

Rhode gets so excited about these pillow covers for his kindergarten napping pillow.  He keeps checking up on the project, telling me it looks so good, and offering suggestions. The trunk was the last thing I put on. Rhode kept telling me it needed a “stick” at the bottom. I know.. I know..!

Ace laid beside me on the couch yesterday while I was embroidering. He wanted to “pull” the needle every time I made a stitch. 🙂 Sometimes children are just too helpful. Ace was very proud to tell Rhode last night that he helped sew his pillow. How sweet!


Tree is four pieces. Tree and trunk are machine sewn with 1/4 inch seam and a raw edge.  “JOY” and star are embroidered. Both the green tree pieces and the bright green case material are left over from Ace’s dragon costume material.

Improvements: It would have looked better if my “JOY” was an inch to the right.