Dot, da, dot dot dress…

I bought this navy polka dot chambray material a few months ago. Chambray looks like denim, but is a light-weight linen finished cloth. Most of the “denim” button down shirts you buy are actually chambray.

12167324_10153011490300870_1482152437_n  Here is the pattern I used.

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Fancy Smancy Pink Wedding Reception Dress

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I wanted something special to wear to my cousin’s wedding. I already had this pattern. The material is the only one I could find at Hancock’s that I thought was the right style and gauge for the pattern and occasion. Cut it out less than two weeks before, and finished it the day of the wedding. Broke two sewing machines in the process. Finished her on my grandma Aleta’s Singer treadle ‘machine’. I use the term ‘machine’ very loosely here. I didn’t manage to break the treadle. I think the “motor” is stronger on it. Ha! 🙂

Update: My machine went back to sewing normally after this project. I think it hated the fabric.