Patch me up before you go, go.

Boys! The reason patches were invented. (Okay, so I actually have busted the knee out of a pair of pants within the past year, but that was an accident.)

Anyway. I like patching pants. It gets a little artsy. Sometimes.

Here is a sampling of some of my patch jobs:







My boys old super hero shirts became quite disgusting. SO… new ones!

Five easy steps for your very own super shirts!

#1 Buy compression shirts. Yes, I know any color other than white would hold up better, but I LOVE white.

#2 Iron double sided glue paper(bought in the same section with interfacing) to the felt color of your choice. Black for today’s shirts, because I thought it looked nice with the gray topstitching. Continue reading

Jaleta’s skirt


This is my sis, Jaleta. She is leaving at the end of the month to serve a church mission. The chalk drawing of Christ was done by one of the missionaries here.

Her skirt is by the same pattern as the post … but this one gathers 1 1/2 the waist measurement. I think this is more flattering than what the pattern recommends, which is more than double the waist measurement.