My happy skirt!

Easter was a long time ago.. but this was my Easter skirt!



Simplicity 1109 is the pattern.. Because, box pleats!

I could not for the life.. figure out the pleats on the back, so I just kinda did my own thing. Still don’t know if what I did was that the designer intended.



Can you tell I added a seam and fabric to drop the tail  three inches?! No? Well, that’s cause I painstakingly matched up the fabric print. But, yes, I did. Why? Cause.. butts take up room(fabric). (A little known fact that pattern designers sometimes forget about. If you happen to know any, please remind them. 😉 )


Can I just talk about the fabric for a sec? Ok. Thank you, I will! I love it! It jumped out at me in Hancock’s, and I thought, “That is crazy! I love it!” So retro, so funky, so woo!! BUT.. I couldn’t think of anything I could use it for. Nope. Ain’t getting it. So, I ignored it. Until like, the third time I was in the store. Okay, fine! I’ll buy you. Dang temptation!

Months later.. Digging around in my stash for Easter, I thought, “Why not?!” Easter is a bright and exciting occasion. Wake up, World!!

Another view



And, here is my waist(line) of time! French knots! If you embroider, you know what I mean! I luvvvv it! Texture and detail!


Happy Resurrection!! 🙂



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