My boys old super hero shirts became quite disgusting. SO… new ones!

Five easy steps for your very own super shirts!

#1 Buy compression shirts. Yes, I know any color other than white would hold up better, but I LOVE white.

#2 Iron double sided glue paper(bought in the same section with interfacing) to the felt color of your choice. Black for today’s shirts, because I thought it looked nice with the gray topstitching.

#3 This one is tricky… Block write your initial(s) backwards on the paper of the glue sheet.



I covered the champion symbol with the initial. And yes, this letter should be reversed, and felt should be on top.

#4 Cut out your block letter(s).

#5 Remove the paper backing and iron the felt onto the compression shirt.

#6 With a sewing machine, edge stitch the letters.

Viola! Once you know what you’re doing these are quick and easy.. And your kid will love the customization!



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