Dot, da, dot dot dress…

I bought this navy polka dot chambray material a few months ago. Chambray looks like denim, but is a light-weight linen finished cloth. Most of the “denim” button down shirts you buy are actually chambray.

12167324_10153011490300870_1482152437_n  Here is the pattern I used.

I’m a 14 by pattern sizes, but, once made, I nearly always wish I had made the garment by the twelve. There is more “ease” than I like.

With that in mind, I cut this pattern by the twelve, but once the bodice was sewn I didn’t think the fitted waist had enough material in the back to move by the time I sewed the zipper in. So, I took out the side seams and made the seam as small as possible to give myself more room. The waist definitely needed to be a fourteen. (I don’t think my ribs are gonna shrink.) However, I am glad I made it by the twelve, because I wouldn’t want any more material around the chest and shoulders.


Here are a couple pics of the details of the waist. I think you can see the details better off the body.

There is basting up the center of the chest and along the chest pleats. Normally, you remove the basting after you are done sewing. Considering this material would droop without that stitching in place, I think I need to leave it. I thought about replacing it with regular stitching but haven’t yet.

12168141_10153011438080870_991775619_n  12166324_10153011438090870_1862577648_n

It’s a very pretty design. Bravo Lisette!

I started making this dress to wear to my husband’s high school reunion. It was on a Saturday. The Sunday before, I asked my grandma if I still had time to make a dress for it. She said you can make a dress in a day. I thought(didn’t say), “Maybe YOU can make one in a day! I can’t.” When I told my sister, she concurred.

So, in case any one wants to know… I cut it out on Wednesday and worked the majority of the day Thursday and Friday on it. All it needed was the zipper, but the forecast said it would be cold the night of the reunion. So, I wore a sweater and jeans and forgot about the dress.


Mom came over on Saturday to put an invisible zipper in it for me. As you can see above, it is not an invisible zipper. She was having technical difficulties. The invisible zipper didn’t work well with this gauzy material. I took her zipper out and put this one in. (In the long version of that story, I cut a hole in the material taking out her zipper and had to fix all that mess, but nobody likes the long story. So, I won’t tell you about that.)

This chambray is very thin and flows well. I wish I’d made it in June instead of September. It would be ideal for 90 plus temps. *Sigh* There is always next summer. ………*Daydreaming*


I love all the details of this dress. I love that it can be dressed up or down. I think the material turned out perfect for the design. I kinda wish I had thought to put side seam pockets on it. However, considering the gauziness of the fabric, I am not sure it would’ve stood up to that.

I’m thinking of remaking it in a fine wale corduroy. If I do, I will take some of the fullness out of the gathers and the side seams.



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