A knight and a dragon, Paul Bunyan and Babe

My boys were a knight and dragon on Halloween last year.

12166961_10153014605305870_852873576_n I used Simplicity 5520 for Rhode’s.


VARIATIONS: The pattern called for the dagging in felt. Felt gets nasty when washed. Instead of that, I bought grey broadcloth and sewed the dagging from that. I also left off the knee cap pieces of the “boots”.

Spencer made Rhode’s sword from a yardstick. He sawed the tip to a blunt point and the handle smaller than the blade. He added a circle made of cardboard, spray painted all that silver and rapped the handle in black electrical tape. It looked very cool!

12167619_10153014605300870_306971779_n Here’s Ace’s dragon suit.

DSCN4852  DSCN4833

VARIATIONS: I followed the pattern, but did my own version of scales. I made the arms without the elastic wristband. Instead of the booties, he wore black crocs.

I got the cutest pic of these boys in their costumes from JCP portraits. I would love to share that here, but I think that’s copyright infringement, so I will refrain. If you would like to see it, tell me so and I’ll send it to you in a private message. I think that’s allowed. 🙂

Side note: The other dragon is their cousin.

Lastly, Spencer and I usually try to slap together something for Halloween. Usually on little to no notice. Last year we were Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.


Paul had all these clothes already, because he is basically a mountain man. (Although he doesn’t hunt.)

I bought a cow bell, horns and white and blue hairspray from Party City. I spray painted the horns(originally black) white and put them on a head band. I put my hair up, sprayed it white, then blue. The white makes the blue show up so much better than blue alone.

I bought some blue velour material at Hancock’s and made the boot covers. I left the selvage edge at the ankles, sewed up the side seams, turned under a cuff at the top and added elastic. Super easy.


Blue makeup and a nose ring, and I was done.


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