You’ve got Mail(box)!

We live in the country. Spencer had just commented that it had been a long time since somebody had hit our mailbox(like two years). He didn’t knock on wood. Less than a week later, our mailbox was obliterated. They did a good job! Took out the box, post and all. Mail strewn in the ditch.

It was on purpose. Obvious from the tracks. Who are we to deny teenagers their fun?!

The old one was needing a touch up. They really did me a favor. 😉


I love nasturtiums. My grandma always grew them. I love their spicy smell. Pastel nasturtiums are my favorite to grow. Such beautiful colors! I went with a red bloom here, because I thought it would look nice with the red flag.

I did this side for homework in a painting class I was taking. Spencer put it on the post immediately, but I still needed to put something on the other side. I had him bring it back in the house a couple days ago.

I loved the pale green and wanted more of it on the other side. So, I put a luna moth on it.


I was going to paint another nasturtium bud on this side, but Spencer took it out and mounted it this morning. I guess that means I’m done. I do need to give it a coat of polycrylic to help it withstand the weather.


Hopefully she’ll fly around out there a couple years before somebody kisses her with their bumper, knock on wood!


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