Anniversary Art at the Frist

Spencer and I went to the Frist on our anniversary trip to Nashville. We pretended to be artists while we were there.

Above is Specner, I mean Spencer’s printmaking project.

DSCN6231 IMG_2802

Mine. Hollyhocks.

I included my original(I am sure there is a better term for that, but I don’t know it), because it looks better than the print. I did some printmaking in high school and always had the same frustration/problem… It never turns out like I am imagining.

I should have kept it simpler. Maybe leaving off a few of the stalks. That’s what made it not looks so good. It is too muddled with all the stems. Three or four would’ve been good.

DSCN6171 My scratch off art representing our marriage.

Symbolic. I will let you imagine what it all stands for. Although, now, less than a month later, I don’t remember what the two circles on the left symbolize. SNAP! Now that’s gonna drive me crazy. Hmm…

Moving on.

DSCN6165 Styles of drawing in the abstract.




Shadow box creations:

11830818_10153565161814740_62042679_n 11846423_10152885539065870_1119835607_n

Guess who made which…

IMG_2806 Something was missing from my version.

Spencer added the peace sign necklace and “Peace” to the side. He did a better job spelling this time! HA!!! (I know, I am so mean!)

Peace out!


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