Dandelion craft

The girl youth group in our church has a project oriented program called Personal Progress, in which the girls have projects to complete to earn ribbons, etc.

One Wednesday night we talked about the program and how learning these skills now would affect their future lives, like seeds growing into something beautiful.

11751074_10152857654960870_1655655729_n   11774367_10152857654970870_237729558_n
Then, we fingerpainted. Draw out the stem, circle for the dandelion center, and leaves, if wanted. (as shown above) The fluffy dandelion seed heads are finger prints.

!11721792_10152857654985870_197264724_n 11756576_10152857661485870_1143088108_n-2 11756672_10152857657285870_1789457446_n 11759501_10152857659010870_832539343_n 11774631_10152857657290870_2146475653_n 11780601_10152857661465870_631037516_n 11793180_10152857661450870_2032480943_n 11793414_10152857659000870_568215207_n


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