Independence Day Shorts

First off – My grandma’s begonias are gorgeous! I wanted to get their pictures there, but the sun was beating down too heavy.

So, I made some shorts for the boys for Independence Day. Why? Cause my mom always made us Fourth of July outfits, and I have to do everything my mom did. Duh! …Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you know.




This are the kind of shenanigans I get when I tell them to stand together for a picture. Acting crazy is just their thing. … And, I don’t know who they are imitating, but I hope it’s not me! 🙂

Here’s the pattern. Simplicity 2907. It is a beginner pattern. Nothing too difficult, especially if you leave the pockets off(which I did for Rhode’s pair).


Red seersucker with navy anchors. Seersucker is in my top five favorite fabrics, and as far as kids are concerned, probably higher. LOVE it!

DSCN6074 DSCN6077

I made Ace’s first, which made Rhode very jealous(of course). I did the front pattern pockets on his. Notice how the stripes line up perfectly.. Mmhmm… That was not hard at all. I didn’t think I liked the pockets, but after I saw him wearing the shorts, I did.

I hand stitched the hem on his shorts with red thread, making sure to be on top of the red stripe on the outside every time. It looks nice. If you click on the pic here, you can see the difference in the two hems.


I made Rhode’s the night before my wedding anniversary trip to Nashville, which means I skipped all the extras and sewed everything by machine. He has been complaining about not having pockets since. Maybe I’ll add some cargo pockets to make him happy later. Not today. Or tomorrow. Truth be told, he is going to have to bug me about it some more.

DSCN6089  DSCN6140

This pattern only goes up to a 4T. I had Rhode try on Ace’s. They fit, but you want the bigger kid’s to look bigger. So, I decided to make them an inch longer and taller. Then, I went crazy and decided to add an inch all the way around. Bad idea. Once I had sewn the elastic in the waist, I had him try them on. They looked like clown shorts. Took apart the side seams and took that extra inch(four inches total) off there. That worked swell.

One more of the Rhode for the road.. 😉



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