Earthy hippie shirt

This blouse just took.. ah…. five years to make. But, who’s counting? (I’m about done with my half-done stack, in case anyone was wondering.)


I started it when I was pregnant with Ace. The material is very fine, like a gauze. I no longer remember if that is what it actually is, because it has been so long since I bought it. Either way, it is perfect for hot summer weather. I love the print and colors, too.


Pattern is New Look 6851.


I mentioned in a previous post that I always inadvertently pick hard(detailed) patterns. This one, combined with the fabric, made me stick it in the drawer 3/4 of the way done. All that was left to do was sew on the sleeves and hem them and the bottom edge.

I tried to zoom in on this picture to show the details. There is a yoke with gathers underneath, and the tie at the neck goes all the way around the collar(so there is no facing).


So happy I finally tackled it. It’s so cool! – like not hot. Although I’ve gotten compliments every time I’ve worn it so far.. so maybe it is cool the other way too.


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