Sailing out- Pajama pants

I bought this nautical fabric thinking I was going to make myself a blouse with it. The fabric had such a nice feel to it. Upon a closer look at home, I decided the print repeated itself too often. Since I didn’t want three boats stacked on top of each other on the front of my shirt, I changed my mind and made pj’s for the boys.


The last time I made pajama pants for them, I had enough material for another pair. They have a cousin one year older, so I made him a pair too. When I began these, Rhode asked if I was going to make Isom a pair. No. There isn’t enough extra to make another pair. Rhode insisted that Isom needed a pair too, because he loves his puppy dog pajamas. Again, I told him I couldn’t make three pair, only two. Well. Fine, then. He didn’t want a pair. Give his to Isom. ! Sweet and frustrating at the same time.


Can’t tell how sweet they are in these two pics, can you?



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