Resurrecting an old fabric for Easter!

The husband always tries to talk me into buying, instead of sewing, my Easter dress.  I always tell him no. I take pride in stressing myself out. Okay?!

This year it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do. Since I couldn’t ever find anything I liked better, I finally decided to finish the super silky skirt I cut out in January. Well. That would’ve been just fine if it were going to fit when I got it together. No such luck. I’ll give it to one of the teenage nieces.

Back to square one. I start looking through the fabric stash. I have this green floral. Rhode and Ace’s Easter stuff is green. Perfect!


Side note: Why do they put such misleading information on patterns? 1 hour skirt? NO! Maybe that means one hour sewing only and assuming you have assistants to take care of everything else(pinning, ironing seams, trimming…). I just wish they would be realistic, or just leave off the time. It is a quick pattern, but I could never, even on the best day, complete it in an hour.


Cut it out. There wasn’t enough. I had to sew together scraps in order to have large enough pieces to cut out the waistband. That wasn’t even enough. Two of the facing(inside) waistband pieces and the backside of the ties had to be out of a left over bright green linen, which actually turned out to be a nice contrast.

image     image

Then, there is this funny little story about how I sewed the waistband on upside down(You can do that when it has a facing, and you aren’t paying attention. I wouldn’t suggest it though.) and didn’t realize it until I had already trimmed the seam allowances. (Translation – that makes it much harder to fix.) What did I do? Took it off. Turned under and ironed the unsewn edge and top stitched it. Then, sewed it to skirt with the smallest seam possible. 1/8 inch! Double stitched that for hold.

image      image Why he cut off my head?!

I have made this wrap skirt before. For Easter, actually! I really like the wrap deal. Just feels nice and hangs well. Plus. I like the bow!



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