Pajama Pants

Quick little puppy dog printed flannel pajama pants made roughly by New Look S0722.

Pertaining to the details of how they were made: First and foremost, you should know that these pajama pants DO in fact have a crotch seam, as shown above. Very important.

Rhode is so funny. By this pattern, he is a size 3 waist, size 5 chest, and size 7 height. So, I cut the waist by the three and lengthened the leg for him.

I have tried to explain to my husband how special it is to kids to have things made especially for them. My mom and grandma made many things for me over the years. Rompers, dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts, some hats and a few MC Hammer pants(which were absolutely in style at the time)… I LOVED them and was so proud to wear them. To me, it felt like wearing a piece of love. It made me feel special.


I actually made these for the boys a month ago, on my birthday to be exact. Rhode is generally nonchalant about things, but he has told me at least three different times while wearing them how he loves them. Usually, thanking me for making them. While taking these pics, he told me again. I asked him why he loved them so much. Because he likes how they feel, or because he likes that I made them for him, or both? “Both. …And I like the puppy dogs.”


You have no idea how many goofy, pouty, absolutely ridiculous pictures were taken to get these three, that aren’t even very great. I had to take them with my phone. Ace dropped(rendering useless) my nice camera. UGH!


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