Bridal Shower Cake


My cousin Latha was getting married! Yay! Bridal Shower! My aunt asked me if I would make the cake. !! Uh… ME?! … Don’t get me wrong.. I make a mean birthday cake that tastes VERY good(recipe, not me.)… BUT, a cake for a bridal shower?! Ah!!! That needs to be… like.. professional.. Right?

She just smiled. ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect. She is sure I can do it.’ (My family is very nonchalant like that.) *Woman Up* “Okay. I’ll do it.” .. and call Kroger the morning of if I have to. 🙂

DSCN3443 “Precious” in her protection..

What kind? Vanilla with buttercream frosting. Okay. What color? ‘They are going to have zinnias in all colors, so anything will work… Not orange.’ Okay. What shape? “Whatever will be fine.”  Okay. (My family is very easy like that. And, I LIKE artistic license.  But some very small part of me feels like being told exactly what to do might have been a little less stress. …Probably true. But, if they had done that I probably would have been wishing I could do something different.. personality flaw, I know!)

Found this cake stand at T.J. Maxx. LOVE it! Square cake it will be. It had to be three layers to look big enough for the stand. It could, possibly should, have been four.. but come on people, do I have a magic wand?!

My grandma told me that on white cake, one minute baking makes a difference and you don’t want it over-cooked. So, I set the timer for five minutes before the “suggested” baking time. Glad I did, cause it was ready the first time I checked it.


Put together the layers. Frosted one side of the cake. It started sagging.. too much milk in the frosting. “Peeled” that off. Added more confectioners sugar and did it again. Found a.. shall we say “creative” way to protect her. Stuck her in the fridge.

This was August. An hour before, I loaded her in the un-air conditioned truck to drive to Sparta. (The Navigator was in the shop.) I didn’t roll down the windows all the way, because I was afraid it would blow the Saran Wrap off or something. It was HOT! I was stressing.. It survived.


It was far from perfect, but I am proud of how it turned out.. But by the grace of God go I !


Had to have a picture with it.. I may never successfully make anything this fancy again. Any professional cake decorators out there, please don’t argue with me about the meaning of the word “successfully”!

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