Test Run Skirt

The youth group of girls at church will be making this skirt starting this Wednesday. It is Kwik Sew 3744. It is a very simple pattern, good for a beginner project. Two rectangular pieces of fabric and the elastic waistband. Two side seams, gathering the waist, sewing on the elastic and hemming it.. Easy!


I wanted to do a test run to iron out any kinks. I was originally going to make one for myself for that purpose, but I found a better guinea pig. 🙂

My niece and nephew came over to play. Jaderian would rather shop, so she went with me to pick out material.


My aunt says her daughter always likes prints that my grandma would like… I think this fabric falls in that category. It doesn’t surprise me that Jaderian likes it though. It’s the style, you know!


Anyhey. It took two hours start to finish, but a lot of that was trying to fix my mom’s serger. It had run out of thread on one of the spools. I bought more while shopping. The one that had ran out was the hardest one to rethread. You pretty much have to take the machine apart to rethread it.. Then, I had done it wrong a few times.. VERY annoying!


This material is a linen/rayon blend, which hangs well. But, in my opinion, there is too much material. It would be okay if the material were SUPER thin and flowy. The saving grace here is that it is on an eleven year old. The amount of material in this XS would go around me twice, and I am a medium by this pattern. When you’ve got woman hips, that don’t look good. Too much bulk. My mom and grandma agree that one and a half would be sufficient material for the gathering. I am thinking that’s what we should do with the girls.

The skirt should have hit the top of her knee as indicated on the pattern. Of course, the pattern is for teens and women. Jaderian didn’t want me to make it shorter. She said she liked it the way it was.

P.S. This was an impromptu photography session. I am sure she would have chosen a different shirt, given the chance.. And, I would have chosen natural lighting.


2 thoughts on “Test Run Skirt

  1. Thanks for sharing great tips—a friend of mine just left on a mission with skirts and matching scarves her mom made her—may pick up this pattern for my teenagers


    • You are most welcome! My sister , Jaleta, is wanting me to make several for her. We left them off, but the pattern calls for pockets, which would be very useful for missionaries.


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