New Butterfly Chair Cover

I have always thought I would like a butterfly chair. They are just too good for lounging. I found this one at a thrift store. The canvas cover on it was ripped in one corner. Obviously, Ace didn’t care. He drug it out of the closet several times to lounge. That probably helped it move to the top of my to-do list more quickly than it would have otherwise.


Recover. I used the canvas cover as a pattern. I have had this green upholstery material so long, that I’ve actually forgotten why I bought it. ! If I don’t remember, I probably don’t need to save it for whatever it was, right?

The green material coordinates very well with the first couch and loveseat that my husband and I bought when we got married. That set is dark green and located upstairs in the loft/TV room.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t you think the hippie chair goes very well with my shag rug? Well. I’m loving it whether you are or not. 🙂


This was a one day, very easy project. I borrowed my mom’s serger to take care of all the raw edges. There are two cuts of fabric for the actual seat and four cuts(of course) for the corner pockets. I sewed those together. Then, I turned under and double stitched the material edge between the pockets. That’s it.

OH!!! Before I forget.. As I pulled the material out from under the presser foot after sewing the final seam, I saw that the bobbin thread was empty. !! Oh, no! I was afraid I ran out mid-seam. Looked. Nope. There was one inch(Yeah, one inch!) hanging after the backstitching! Anyone who sews will appreciate that… All the stars lined up for me today girls!(and guys) That NEVER happens! It’s a miracle. Really.


This material is not stretch material, but pretty much anything stretches more than canvas. It isn’t bad with the boys. But when I sit in it, I feel like my butt is barely off the floor. So, if I were to do it again, I would forget about cutting extra material for the seam allowance in order to make it slightly less material.

I also think I might like it better if the material were doo-bley thick. Just a thought.

DSCN5614 I think the chair was putting Ace to sleep.

I would like to make several funky covers for it.. We shall see if I have enough of what my grandma would call “ambition” for that. (I have a very long project list.)

P.S. I finally remembered why I bought the green material. It was for a child-sized upholstered rocking chair that I burned years ago and bought even more years ago than that. 🙂 That was ridiculous!

DSCN5609 See? Super comfy.


4 thoughts on “New Butterfly Chair Cover

  1. Hi, I’ve seen a few patterns for butterfly chair covers and can’t work out if the seam that runs through the middle of the seat (kinda in line with your lower back) is necessary. I want to make some but I’m not sure if it’s done for strength or for the fall of the fabric in the sling. what do you think?


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