Napping pillow: Christmas edition

Rhode gets so excited about these pillow covers for his kindergarten napping pillow.  He keeps checking up on the project, telling me it looks so good, and offering suggestions. The trunk was the last thing I put on. Rhode kept telling me it needed a “stick” at the bottom. I know.. I know..!

Ace laid beside me on the couch yesterday while I was embroidering. He wanted to “pull” the needle every time I made a stitch. 🙂 Sometimes children are just too helpful. Ace was very proud to tell Rhode last night that he helped sew his pillow. How sweet!


Tree is four pieces. Tree and trunk are machine sewn with 1/4 inch seam and a raw edge.  “JOY” and star are embroidered. Both the green tree pieces and the bright green case material are left over from Ace’s dragon costume material.

Improvements: It would have looked better if my “JOY” was an inch to the right.


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