Napping pillow

This is probably one of the easiest sewing projects I have done. Rhode has been asking for this, a spider web pillow, since school started. Better late that never.

14″ square pillow

Squared up the fabric. Needed to be 16 1/4″ wide to allow for seams and 32 ” long to turn under about an inch on the back and have overlap for velcro closure.

Find space that will be on the front of the pillow, where the web and spider will be sewn. 32-14=18/2=9.. Measure in nine inches from both ends.


Draw out web with fabric chalk.


Sew the web and spider. Turn under and sew the ends. Sew the side seams. Sew on velcro closure.


Shove a pillow in it.


Improvements: 1. Spider a different color that would stand out more against the background. (But, he wanted it that color.) 2. Start the web an inch more toward the center for better visibility. (But considering he will be sleeping on it daily, it is probably better that it is more out of the way.)


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